About Us

About Us


Bryce Keaton:

Born with a brain twice the size of his body, one could say that Bryce was predestined to be the world’s smartest person (at least, that’s how he tells it). Now in his early years of adulthood, Bryce has pledged to use his hyper intellegence to influence the masses through his writing. While some of his methods are controversial, Bryce has undoubtedly left a huge impact on movie-goers that have read his smart, original, and entertaining movie reviews. Some may consider it brainwashing, he would simply call it “cinematic enlightenment.”

Please use discretion when viewing his material, some of it may not be for the weak-minded.

Nick Worley:

Eccentric, electric, enigmatic, erotic. This combination of words could only be used to describe two things: 1) a very strange and elaborate fetish, or 2) our very own Nick Worley. Nick is a film fanatic with a heart of pyrite and a mind similar to the late great Andy Warhol. If he can’t win you over with his enthusiasm and humor, then he’ll certainly do it with his seductive voice and unprecedented good looks.

Will Duncan:

Top-notch field reporter, Will Duncan, used to be the go-to guy for networks like CNN and The Onion when it came to in depth, personal, and dangerous coverage of some of the world’s biggest stories. On a fateful day in August of 2011, Will and his daring news team were reporting live from the heart of the Emu Invasion in Australia when they were brutally ambushed by the feathered beasts. Will was the only survivor. Upon returning home to his wife and children, Will pledged that he would no longer delve into the darkest pits of the world for the latest and greatest news bites. He now lives a quiet life as the MMC’s cheif news correspondent.




The Millennial Movie Cast is here to prove that not all Millennials are a bunch of trend-chasers, Facebook politicians/philosophers, and consumers of the almighty cup-o-Starbucks. Here at MMC, we believe that film is an art form that reaches every kind of person. We also believe that film is subject to the creation of good and bad art. Since Hollywood is home to one of the biggest industries in the world, it is important to keep them on their toes and ensure that the creation of good art is always prioritized over the bad (though we know for a fact that this isn’t true all of the time). Those of us at MMC hope to give readers and listeners a fresh perspective on the latest Hollywood has to offer, and hopefully give you great insight on what you can expect from all things cinema.

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