Review: Zootopia

I hate Disney. There, I said it. I’m sure I’ll have to do more Disney movie reviews in the future and maybe even some for movies that have been out for years now. And yes, my bias is definitely going to show in these reviews. But my biases aside, I have also run into another problem for this review…

My reviews have been based on the averages of 5 categories. Except, in an animated movie, such as Zootopia, the categories I’ve been using don’t necessarily apply in the same way. So, starting with this review, animated films will be reviewed in this manner: story, humor, casting, message, and x-factor. I am ignoring an animation category, because in this day and age, we expect the best. Should a film come about in which this is not true, I will probably just make that my X-Factor since the movie probably sucks anyway (looking at you, Norm of the North).


Story: 7.5/10

Zootopia has a pretty good story, especially for a Disney animated feature. Although, at heart, it is a cliche cop story, it puts a spin on it that really keeps you interested. The bad part about this story is that it has some pretty glaring inconsistencies. For instance [Possible Spoilers Ahead], the plot calls for the smaller animals to be the “repressed” ones at the beginning of the story so that Judy (a rabbit) can endure most of her struggles during this half of the film; but then, once Judy becomes a hero, the story needs a new “repressed” faction, so they randomly throw in this bullshit population statistic that 90% of Zootopia is prey. Before this point in the film, this statistic was never refereed to or even hinted at [End Spoilers]. And that’s just the biggest one I can think of, there are several more.


Humor: 8.5/10

This is where the film shines. It is a Disney animated feature, so there are several points in the movie that are a bit childish. But don’t let that fool you, this is a movie for adults, which will be covered more extensively in the Message category.



Casting: 9/10

Yeah, they were all good. I’m also regretting putting this category in because I have nothing to say, but I need 5 categories… so… yeah.


Message: 8/10

As I was saying, this is a film for adults. You can’t expect kids to pick up on the relevance of race issues in the country, and especially in police forces. And… this is going to be hard for me to say, but… Disney did a really good job of making this movie that sends an excellent message that is relevant and very important. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I will say that when you throw in other stuff, like a gazelle pop star that’s supposed to be the most famous artist in Zootopia and is shown to be very wise and intelligent but then I find out that it’s actually supposed to be Shakira? Yeah, you lose me a little. Even when they do the majority of a movie right, Disney can’t resist making it more marketable by throwing in stupid promotions for people like Shakira.


X-Factor: 2/10, MORE GOATS??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? [Possible Spoilers]

If you read my previous review for The Witch. You will have learned that Goats are probably my least favorite animals. This is partly due to their association with demonic worship, and partly due to how much they just creep me out (it’s the eyes, man). When I found out that the goats are the real bad guys in Zootopia, I almost screamed. Is it coincidence that I saw The Witch, wrote a review about it, and then saw Zootopia within 24 hours? I think not! Am I currently wearing a tinfoil hat and a crucifix necklace as I write this? That’s irrelevant.


Overall: 7/10

Zootopia was a fun movie to watch. If you like Disney, and especially their more recent 3D animated films, then I would highly recommend you see this while it’s still in theaters. Personally, I would not put this on the same level as a Pixar film, although if Pixar’s good films are in the first tier of animated movies, then Zootopia is the first movie in the second tier.

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